After my mother died at the age of 53 from lung cancer because she smoked almost here entire life, I am on a mission to warn all smokers that smoking WILL kill you! There for I did a lot of research and come up with 7 ways to quit smoking. Hopefully, you can use them to stop smoking. Thanks for reading and thanks for trying! I wish you a long, happy and healthy life. So please read on and don’t end up like my mom.

I have also smoked myself and tried different ways to quit smoking. Finally, I managed to quit and I never felt stronger and healthier. It is not easy to quit and smoking is a real addiction.

Top Tips For You To Quit Smoking That Really Works:

– First, you must be absolutely clear that you do want to stop smoking cigarettes. A lot of cigarette smokers really want to stop however will not confess – either to themselves or others. To become seriously into this state of mind you need to concentrate every day about the damage being done to your body each time you light up a cigarette picture the smoke entering your lungs and leaving a brown, sticky, dangerous residue that triggers you to cough and produce sputum.

When I saw the lungs of a longtime smoker in a glass case, I can’t stop thinking how my lungs must look like and it helped my imagination and my drive to quit a lot. It was really a frightening but also disgusting sight! Furthermore, think of all the effort you always have to take to always have a pack of cigarettes around, the resultant mess of ash, dirty smelling clothes, foul-smelling cars and of course the enormous amount of money you spend on this addiction.


Concentrate on these factors, especially the health problems and do this at least a couple of times per day.  Think about them just before you go to sleep.  This need to go on for rather a long time, at least a couple oa number of weeks or longer. This is essential and the most fundamental part of facing the truth.

– Inform your friends and family that you are willing to give up, however, do not set a date – you will understand when the time is best if you carefully follow my first point. Get them to be prepared to support you, specifically your friends and family that also smoke, – ask not to provide you cigarettes or smoke in your presence. Try to avoid locations where cigarette smokers gather. Eliminate cigarette smoking stuff from your house and work environment, get rid of all proof of cigarette smoking. Vacuum your car or truck and let it smell well.

– Take a look at the activities you connect with cigarette smoking, do you start your day with coffee and a cigarette? Possibly it is something else, however, the fact of the matter is that you need to alter that routine when you are serious about stopping.

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In my case, a beer and a cigarette where inseparable, I avoided drinking beer and it made me not linger for a cigarette either. I now often drink freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice (a favorite of mine) in stead of coffee. If you only knew how horrible a cigarette tastes when you drink healthy juices you would stop today! If there are a lot of smokers in the office it is not easy to change your routine. Still, it is very important that you are not reminded to light up a cigarette because ‘that’s when I typically have one’.

Be Calm and Quit Cigarette smoking

– Ultimately, when you will feel that the time has come to stop, it does not have to be a big deal. By now your subconscious will have taken on board your desire to stop and the yearning will be significantly lowered, I know because I have been there!

Be calm, do not tell everyone that you have actually given up, simply handle your day as if you are a non-smoker, which you now have actually become, forever! If you are serious about this you don’t need to do a gradual reduction or use nicotine patches. You just don’t need them because your mind will remind you of all the benefits of giving up this costly and unhealthy addiction.

– Now you also need to expand your journey to a brand-new much healthier lifestyle and if you see results (and you will see them very quick), this will seal the deal! A lot of cigarette smokers hardly engage in physical exercise. They often tend not to care that much about the way they look or what they eat (sugar in tea?) and if I look at myself always added unneeded salt in my food.


This is a sort of settlement you need to make with your body,  for the damage being done by the internal pollution. I’m not stating you ought to begin running marathons, however stroll for 20 minutes, 3 times a week is very good to start get some fresh air, even when it rains, nothing healthier than some fresh air in your lungs.

And don’t be afraid, it does not harm you and after a while, you cannot do without it! Find a nearby gym, start drinking water, and stroll as quickly as you can without gasping for air. Still, 20 minutes is the magic number and 3 times a week, as you improve you will find out you can even go for a run and you will discover yourself going a lot even more.

Think about signing up with a group that does this sort of thing, for example, the Hash Home Harriers or the Bahrain Road Runners, however it is a lot easier to do work out with friends or family and a lot more enjoyable. Strolling and running is the most time-efficient technique of assisting your body to get exactly what it requires, it does not take much preparation, can be done nearly anywhere and is complimentary. Biking, swimming, anything that raises your heart rate is good for your body. Afterall we want to get rid of all those bad chemicals in your body.

Feeling much better

Why? As your body has actually been harmed from years of cigarette smoking, it has to recuperate, you have to feel much better and workout speeds up the advantages of given up cigarette smoking. You have lots of energy when you wake up, you get your taste and smell back and will have much more pleasure in eating all kinds of food, maybe you will gain some weight, but that is not a big deal, you can handle with this later on, and in any case, workout will help in reducing this issue.

Take a look at your what you consume in a day and try to eat much healthier items salads, fruit, the benefits of healthy food is that you can eat as much of it as you like and you will start to enjoy them very much.

Stop with putting sugar in your tea or coffee and drink decaffeinated coffee whenever possible, it’s not that bad and it will assist you in the stopping process. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water every day. Very soon you will start to feel like a totally different person because it’s remarkable how the body responds to a little motivation, devoid of the constant battle with the toxins you have actually been pushing into it, it will react significantly. This also has substantial favorable results on your mindset, you feel great both in your body and in your mind. After a short period, your lungs will begin to clear themselves out. You will get a much healthier skin and your skin will tighten then you will understand that your efforts are settling in.

– Now benefit yourself, get a brand-new wardrobe, new hairstyle, buy something nice. Give yourself a make over. You can easily pay for it, as you saved tons of money for not smoking all this time. If look in the mirror you will see a younger, healthier person with lots of energy. Forever a non-smoker!

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