10 Tips How to Quit Smoking Naturally

quit smoking naturally withdrawal symptoms

Smoking is a habit that is easy to pick up, but difficult to stop, in this article we describe tips how to quit smoking naturally with as little withdrawal symptoms as possible. If quitting is easy, we probably wouldn’t have an estimated figure of 1/3 of the male adult population being addicted to cigarettes.

Today, the health consequences that smoking brings to us are dire, it kills 10% of the adult population globally, and it is as of an increasing trend. If we didn’t put a stop in helping smokers to quit, and educating the new generation prudently, there is estimation that it will kill 1 out of 6 adults by the year 2030.

Smoking Cessation is never easy for those that had been in addiction for years. In fact, it might seem impossible to some, but there are tons of people who had successfully kicked the habit. In fact, 7% of them succeed in their first try, and statistic shows that there are 70% of the smokers that had the intention to quit every moment.

Gradual Reduction of Nicotine VS Quit Smoking in a natural way

When it comes to kicking the habit, there are basically two schools of thoughts in terms of how to approach the quitting procedure.

The first school of thought is a gradual reduction of Nicotine. It usually starts off with the person setting a quit smoking timeline and develops a plan to gradually reduce his cigarettes by the day towards his targeted date. While the withdrawal symptoms are easier to cope with, this process generally takes a longer time to accomplish.

Even in small amounts, smoking is still causing harm to your health. There is, however, a product such as Nicotine Patch or Gum being supplied by a pharmacy, whereby it aids the person by supplying regular Nicotine, with a prescribed program or reduction. I would strongly recommend making use of such products if you had the intention to quit rather through a reduction via cigarette.

The second school of thought is basically to go through the smoking cessation process. This is known to be the better way to quit because the person had taken immediate actions of discontinuing the intake of Nicotine and therefore stops the habit naturally.

As such, the person no longer feeds towards the addiction, and the body can start to repair immediately. It is however well known that the withdrawal symptoms faced by people going through this approach are more intense compared to the other approach.

Although this is known to be the faster way to put a stop to smoking, it is more applicable to people that are either not highly addicted to Nicotine yet, or to people with ample discipline and will-power. It is strongly advisable for people taking this approach to seek medical help and attention in order to quit in a natural manner.

What are the specific methods to quit naturally?

Cold Turkey

– it means that you just throw your cigarette, lighter and ashtray down into the bin, and swore to yourselves that you are never going to touch this habit again. This is the toughest method, as it relies on pure will-power to curb the withdrawal symptoms. This is suitable for people that are strong mentally or lightly addicted to Nicotine.

Herbal Products

– there are huge varieties of herbs available out there in the market and is known to either improve the health of the user, building up resistance, curbing and reducing the impact of withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, depression, and stress. Herbal supplements are not meant to substitute Nicotine, and the result it brings varies among individual. Different individuals managed to quit by different methods, and using herbal products as a supplement is one of the common methods that people use to quit smoking naturally.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

– consist of a series of meditation through deep breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques. It tries to trigger the power of the subconscious mind, and improves the level of positive thoughts and therefore increases the motivation to quit. This is however not recommended as it’s possibly one of the most expensive methods, and just like any other methods, results vary among individuals.

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– this is known to be able to reduce manywithdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia, depression and being temperamental. Acupuncturists make use of needles to stimulate the nerves and brain of the body to improve its overall immune resistance, so that the body wouldn’t succumb to the urge of smoking easily. This is also well known to be one of the more expensive methods, and wouldn’t be advisable for those that want to quit with a budget.

Self Help / Improvement Books

– There are dozens out there in the market by different authors. The most famous that is being written so far is by Allen Carrs’ Easy Way to Stop Smoking. The approach that he took is to convince smokers that it is easy to quit. Once their fear towards quitting is gone, half the battle is probably won. This is a very motivational and innovative book and I highly recommend buying this as part of your quit smoking program.

quit smoking naturally

Additional tips to quit smoking naturally

No matter which approach you take, there are several tips whereby you should oblige in order to increase your chances to quit successfully.

Change your diet

– Caffeine and alcohol had been scientifically proven to increase the urge to smoke. These must be avoided at all cost if you had the habit to drink either caffeine or alcohol, change your diet to have regular water, fruit juice or tea instead.

Sucking Action

– While the majority of the smokers are addicted to Nicotine, there are some that found themselves addicted to the habitual mouth action and will feel out of place during the initial phase of quitting. As and when you feel restless, just pop a couple sweets, lozenges or a cough drops into your mouth. This is known to sustain the urge to smoke.

Fitness Wellness

– it is possibly very difficult to keep your mind off as and when you have the urge to smoke, getting yourself involved in either regular sports game that is physically intensive helps a lot! Well, when you are physically tired and enjoying yourself, you probably wouldn’t think so much, right? Not to mention that such regular exercise will improve your fitness tremendously as the time goes by.


– Oxygen is known to be a key component that will assist your body to heal, in fact, there is a treatment that is known as hyperbaric, whereby patients breathes in pure oxygen to expedite the healing process. Meditation is a relaxation, breathing technique whereby the user beings to learn how to control their breath. This reduces the emotional withdrawal symptoms and improves the body physically to curb with the addiction urges.

Emotional Support

– Statistics have shown that smokers find themselves easier to quit with support! It doesn’t matter whether if they are quitting with a group of friends, or with strong encouraged from their loved ones, the chances to quit are known to increase significantly.

Quit smoking isn’t hard, not quitting now will make your life harder in near future. Start now while it’s not too late with as litllte withdrawal symptoms as possible.

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